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Alabama Sweet Home Red Sweatshirt

Alabama Sweet Home Red Sweatshirt

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S W E E T • H O M E • A L A B A M A

There's no place like home in Sweet Home Alabama! This design was inspired by my southern love of mason jars and wildflowers. I never thought I'd live in Alabama, but here I am living a dream I never knew I had and this design is the epitome of every southern girl's floral loving heart! This is the perfect gift for Mama, Teachers, Bridesmaids, Bachelorette parties, Bridal Showers, and so much more!

*If you're not from Alabama, but still love the Wildflower & Mason Jar design, grab our Wildflower Mason Jar shirt!

• Material: Polyester and Cotton. This combination helps designs come out looking fresh and beautiful

• Ribbed knit collar so it retains it’s shape even after washing!

• Loose Fit. Runs true to size

• Sewn-in label

♡ Also available in Sticker

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